featuring workouts by Autumn Calabrese and support from Coach Elizabeth Gudrais

We tend to think of being obsessed as a bad thing—but when directed toward the right goal, an obsessive mentality can actually be a good thing! Bringing focus and determination to the task at hand helps us steer clear of potential distractions.

Starting in January 2018, a new program from Autumn Calabrese will put this philosophy into action. Autumn has designed a new fitness and nutrition program to tone our bodies (especially booty and abs) while using nutrition to help us lean out while eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. Autumn is asking us all to be come "a little obsessed" in pursuing these goals, as we embark on the new program, 80 Day Obsession.

This isn't a program for beginners—it's plenty challenging while still being relatively gentle on the body since it utilizes low-impact exercises with the resistance loops and strength slides, and doesn't require that you list super heavy weights to get results.

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With everything that comes in this package, you'll be all set for a major transformation in 2018—for your body, your health, and your mindset.


One full year of access to the Beachbody on Demand streaming workout video library, including the one-week ramp-up program, A Little Obsessed, plus instant access to the 80 Day Obsession workouts when they launch—and 4 dozen other programs.


A one-month supply of Shakeology, which can serve as a multivitamin and also contains probiotics, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens (medicinal herbs) to help you power through cravings, beat stress naturally, and boost energy, digestion, and immune function.


24/7 access to me via Messenger, email, or text, for questions or concerns you would rather not share in the group. (Please allow 24 hours for a response.)


You'll receive a timed nutrition plan to help you lean out and show off those assets (i.e., abs and booty) you're working so hard to build! Based on balancing macros and choosing nutrient-dense foods.


You'll have access to an online group of participants doing the workouts right along with you! You'll be able to share successes and struggles, help each other troubleshoot, and give and receive digital high fives. The group takes place in an exclusive mobile app used to track your progress.


Safety videos showing you how to protect your knees and shoulders during common exercises, a stretching sequence to help you avoid injury, my top tips for sound sleep, and much more! I'm always dreaming up new bonuses to keep my customers happy and healthy, and with this purchase you'll get them all!

A few words from Elizabeth

“This program uses resistance loops and strength slides to work your muscles in new ways and challenge you without as much impact on the body as some other programs. As long as you're prepared to go all in and follow the nutrition program to a T, you'll be amazed how much your body changes!!”

Want performance supplements instead?

Another package option includes everything described above, except instead of Shakeology you will receive Performance supplements (Energize pre-workout and Recover post-workout formula) to help you give the workouts your all and help your muscles repair faster afterwards! Choose this option

Want to get ALL the supplements you'll need for the whole program at once?

If you're wanting to go ALL IN, purchasing all the Performance supplements you'll need for the entire duration of the program all at once is definitely the best deal! This package also includes everything listed above in terms of what is included with the default package for htis program. Choose this option


If you enroll now, you'll be able to do the program along with me and be part of the very first challenge group to complete it—undoubtedly a special experience! 


if you buy now!

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