What if you could feel you were surfing in the flow of life, instead of swimming against the current?

What if, when something challenging happens, instead of shutting down you’d be able to feel the emotions (positive and negative) and also see the value this experience is bringing you?

What if, instead of having every last detail figured out, you were able to relax and trust? What if, instead of needing to know the answers, you could find a sense of delight in not knowing, and being open to surprises?

Surrender: Waking Up to Our Embodied Wisdom is a nine-week online course that will guide you into this way of being.

It will take the form of a journey through the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body—but it really is so much more than that. Your guides, Eva and Elizabeth, invite you to learn more about this course and, if you feel called, step into this transformational journey with us.

The course meets for nine weeks, starting March 20. Meetings will be on Saturdays at noon Pacific / 3 p.m. Eastern. The recording will be sent out the next day for anyone who couldn't attend live or just wishes to rewatch the session.

Pay in full ($497):

Payment plan (four biweekly payments of $150):


Here's what you'll get when you enroll in Surrender:

Small group experience

Weekly meetings live on Zoom with Eva, Elizabeth, and your fellow participants. Enrollment is limited to 15 to ensure that participants can get to know one another and learn from each other's stories, and that the group dynamic encourages engagement.

Guided meditations

Each course meeting will include a guided meditation, led by Eva, related to the chakra we are focusing on that week (or setting intentions during the first week and integration during the final week). These meditations will be captured as audio files and posted to your online course portal so you may use them anytime in the future.

Yoga sequences

Elizabeth has created a brief yoga sequence for each of the seven chakras. These sequences are designed to help bring openness and vitality to each chakra in turn. These sequences will be available in your online course portal for you to use whenever you like.

Printable journal

The beautifully designed PDF journal will provide you with affirmations for each chakra, as well as questions for reflection and journaling. You can print the journal and write in it, or simply use it as inspiration for writing in a different notebook.

Personal guidance

At this time there are no plans to offer this course in a live format again. This is your chance to explore the topic with fellow participants on the journey, and receive feedback from the facilitators on what you share during the course meetings.

Lifetime access

All course materials, including the journal, the session recordings, the audio meditations, and the yoga sequence videos, will be available to you forever on a password-protected course portal that is only accessible to participants in your spring 2021 cohort.

The chakras are energy centers in the body, but their power is so much more than those few words convey.

Working with the chakras is not just about mindfulness and flexibility, making the body more aware and more open. The chakras contain within them the potential for emotional balance and release—for becoming the most vibrant and fully alive version of you, and for leading your most fulfilling life.

This course is for anyone seeking personal growth and transformation through greater trust and openness. Specific areas of transformation to be addressed through the chakras can include:

  • Romantic relationships (a lack of trust or giving trust too easily)
  • Healthier family relationships
  • Money (feelings of scarcity or abundance and how they drive our actions)
  • Confidence and self-expression, unlocking artistic creativity
  • A sense of agency and driving one’s own life course instead of letting others call the shots
  • Connecting with intuition and learning to trust oneself
  • Connection with the divine, spiritual activation

Join Eva and Elizabeth for a journey through the seven chakras that will be both mystical and practical.

With a guided meditation, yoga sequence, and journaling prompts for each chakra, you will know exactly what you are supposed to do to begin to connect with each chakra, to become more aware of the degree of openness and how it affects you.

In our nine-week course there is also plenty of room for mystery, magic, and discovery. We will have nine weekly meetings with interactive discussion in which you will hear from the facilitators the powerful stories of how working with the chakras has helped them bring about transformation in their own lives, and more importantly you will have a chance to hear from your fellow participants and share your own experiences to integrate what you are learning.

Our container will have clear boundaries (a designated time limit for sharing, with each person taking a turn) so we make sure to accommodate all personality types. The person who typically talks to fill silence will be challenged to choose their words wisely, and the person who usually hesitates to speak will be challenged to share their truth and let themselves be seen by the group.

Pay in full ($497):

Payment plan (four biweekly payments of $150):


Eva Dalak is a Palestinian Muslim who grew up in Israel and studied in a Christian French school. Her identity was formed by the combination of the three religions and very constrained traditions, cultures, and conflicts—yet what defines her is her deep connection to the human spirit and a sense of freedom that goes beyond identity. She studied international law and political science at the Sorbonne in Paris, and worked with one of the largest NGOs in the field of conflict transformation, as well as with the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, with European delegations around the world. While studying spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, she got pregnant with her first child and made the decision with her partner to move to the jungles of Costa Rica to have a natural birth and begin their family in a peaceful, natural environment as well as to create a conscious wellbeing retreat center. Living in Costa Rica and birthing her children naturally, unassisted at home, and beginning a conscious-based life has brought her to her knees and given her the best gift of her life: the gift of love, vulnerability, and strength. Everything then came into alignment with her life purpose and the services she offers.

Elizabeth Gudrais is a fitness/nutrition coach, writer, and creative guide with Living Vibrantly. With extensive experience and certifications as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, she is well versed in guiding people to use movement as a tool to drop into their embodied wisdom. As a certified nutrition coach, she draws on her experience in recovering from binge eating as she guides people to listen to their intuition and inner knowing. In her coaching, she supports clients in using food and movement to change their energy—to cultivate a sense of alignment and wellbeing. She believes that every human being is a creative artist—whether your mode of creation is writing or drawing, cooking or computer programming. She is passionate about helping others discover their creative gifts and come into alignment with their life purpose.

Questions about the program?

Please email info@livingvibrantly.net to connect with Elizabeth and Eva