Low impact. High intensity.


Perhaps you're getting older and your body is asking for a style of movement that's gentler and less punishing.

Maybe you'd like to challenge yourself in a way that's a little more chill.

Perhaps you've tried some barre classes (or even just heard about them) and crave that burn and the long, lean muscles they sculpt!

In 2020, we're going to strengthen and tone without beating up on our bodies. Join us for the Barre Blend Bootcamp! 

The first round starts on January 6 and a new round will start every four weeks thereafter.


Here's what you'll get when you enroll in the Barre Blend Bootcamp:

Workout access

24/7 digital streaming access to 8 weeks of barre workouts (a different workout each day!)—plus one full year of access to the entire library of 1,000+ workout videos in multiple styles for all fitness levels

Nutrition plan

A simple nutrition program with delicious recipes, plus the opportunity to upgrade to a more structured plan depending on your needs and goals

Virtual support group

You'll have access to an online group of participants doing the program alongside you. There, you'll be able to share successes and struggles, help each other troubleshoot, and give and receive digital high fives.

The support of a coach 

Access to me via Messenger, email, or text, for questions or concerns you would rather not share in the group. (Please allow 24 hours for a response.) Plus, the opportunity for a monthly one-on-one call to help you stay on track with your goals and set new ones going forward.

Superfood shake

A one-month supply of Shakeology, which can serve as an multivitamin and also contains probiotics, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens (medicinal herbs) to help you power through cravings, beat stress naturally, and boost energy, digestion, and immune function

Extra bonuses

Safety videos showing you how to protect your knees and shoulders during common exercises, a stretching sequence to help you avoid injury, my top tips for sound sleep, and much more! I'm always dreaming up new bonuses to help you get the best results, and my annual package customers get them all!


Here's what people are saying about our support groups:

"I love being a member of Elizabeth's virtual support groups. It helps keep me accountable for my daily workouts and the other group members are so supportive and encouraging. I also really like the extra knowledge that the coaches share with the group!"

"I love that I have a support group that understands the challenges that come with maintaining a fit lifestyle, and that encourages me to keep going one step at a time."

- Ambur C.

- Shenelle S. 

"It's very easy with all that life throws at us to be derailed from taking care of ourselves, but this group helps me remember that if I don't do daily, seemingly boring routines, then all aspects of my life feel more stressful. Being able to support others as they go through their own journeys is another level of personal enjoyment.""

"I've felt my mindset shift from being nervous about outcomes to taking a breath and letting go and letting everything flow naturally. Body, mind, and spirit have shifted to a more positive outlook, and I just feel and look better. I've had people compliment me quite a bit, and have had so much suppport from our virtual group. A heartfelt than you to the group and Elizabeth for steering us to success!"

- Nisha T.

- Melissa M.


First, I'll listen.

During our initial intake, I'll learn about your individual situation and whether you require any modifications or special instructions. We can also discuss nutrition and supplementation options to best set you up for success.  

Then, I'll recommend.

My recommendations are developed in consultation with you. I will never try to force you to do anything you aren't comfortable with (although it is sometimes my job as a coach to challenge your limiting beliefs and encourage you to think creatively to find solutions). Learning to listen to your body and trust yourself is a centerpiece of my approach, so as a coach I'll help you discover the wisdom inside yourself.  

Lastly, we’ll implement together—with plenty of room for trial and error.

We can't always predict the exact path you'll take on your wellness journey when you're just starting out. With 100 days together in your structured program, it will give us plenty of time to assess what is and isn't working for you. Since you have access to the workout library and our virtual support groups for one full year, we'll work together to choose a new program for you that best suits your needs. All along the way, I'm here for whatever you're struggling with to help you find a solution.


Why this program works:

“With the help of online support groups and convenient workouts I can do from home, I've made exercise and healthy eating daily habits for myself. 

I've healed my own relationship with food and my body, and so now that's what I help others do as well: practice self-acceptance and self-love so that exercise and eating right are used as expressions of love rather than punishment.” 

Still not sure?

Take the questionnaire I developed to help me make the best recommendation for each new client, and I'll be in touch to go through your results and discuss options.