Healthy Eating Fix


with Coach Elizabeth Gudrais

Want to eat healthier, but don't know where to start? If all the information out there about nutrition just seems confusing and it's overwhelming to try to sift through it and know what to pay attention to... I feel you!

Or maybe you know what you should be eating, but the problem is actually finding the motivation and discipline to follow it. In that case, I've got you too!

My 21 day virtual program, the Healthy Eating Fix, combines nutrition education, a structured yet flexible eating plan, and loads of support and motivation to make the program practically fail-proof!

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With the Healthy Eating Fix, you'll be supported in making the necessary changes that will get you experiencing energy and vitality, and feeling your absolute best in your body.


The program guidebook walks you through the plan step by step, and includes plan-approved recipes for all tastes and preferences for you to choose from. Like spicy food? We've got you! Prefer things bland? That's cool too!


Your package includes a one-month supply of Shakeology, which can serve as a multivitamin and also contains probiotics, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens (medicinal herbs) to help you power through cravings, beat stress naturally, and boost energy, digestion, and immune function.


You'll have access to an online group of participants doing the program alongside you. There, you'll be able to share successes and struggles, help each other troubleshoot, and give and receive digital high fives. This is also where you'll go for a daily nutrition education post to walk you through the eating plan step by step and help you understand the principles behind it so you can continue eating healthier long after the program ends.


In addition to a multitude of recipes that allow you to pick and choose the foods you like, you'll receive sample shopping lists, meal plans, and food prep instructions to help you pull it all together and create a meal plan that's customized for you.


Three months of 24/7 digital streaming access to more than four dozen workout options for all fitness levels, whether you're looking for something gentle, intense, or in between. Includes everything from yoga and tai chi to sports drills, kickboxing, and all sorts of strength and cardio options, PLUS a cooking show with DOZENS of healthy recipes to go along with your eating plan and provide inspiration.


By working with me as your coach, you get all kinds of thank you gifts designed to increase your chances of success: for example, a journal designed to help you understand your patterns of emotional eating and nip them in the bud; a stress-busting stretching sequence; and cookbooks of crockpot recipes and scrumptious salads so you'll have plenty of plan-approved recipes for winter and summer alike—and a recipe book of cocktails with clean ingredients for those days when you need a treat!  

A few words from Elizabeth

“This way of eating has truly transformed my life and the way feel on a daily basis. That's why I feel so passionate about sharing it with others and guiding them to try it out too. This program is based on the principles of nutrient-dense eating—not just providing the proper amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat your body needs throughout the day, but also making sure those energy sources are dense in the micronutrients that are the key to vibrant health.”

Want even more support?

You can get access to the exercise and nutrition video library, as well as my coaching and support groups and monthly one-on-one coaching calls, for one full year instead of just 3 months, for an additional $20. This package includes everything listed above. Choose this option

Want to pair this program with intense workouts?

You can receive everything listed above, with the exception of Shakeology, and instead receive a month's supply of pre-workout and post-workout supplements from the Beachbody Performance line—high-quality supplements with a clean ingredient list, designed to give you more energy during your workouts and promote muscle growth and repair afterwards. This is a great option for Crossfit, distance running, or intense workouts like Insanity or P90X—both of which you'll have access to with this package. Choose this option


The sooner you enroll, the sooner you'll receive your invitation to the next virtual support group, and be able to get started with this plan and on your way to feeling amazing.