Ready to see what you're made of?


You love pushing your body to new levels and breaking through what you once thought were limits.  

You have a hard time finding workouts that are challenging enough for you—especially ones you can do at home.  

You chase the endorphin high that comes with conquering a new challenge.  

If that's you—you won't want to miss out on the newest fitness release from Beachbody.  

6 Weeks of the Work is a uniquely intense new program from celebrity trainer Amoila Cesar, known for whipping professional athletes into prime shape while protecting them from injury.  

If you're driven to achieve your highest level of fitness, don't let this program pass you by. 


Here's what you'll get when you enroll in my 6 Weeks of the Work challenge group:

Workout access

24/7 digital streaming access, for one full year, to more than four dozen workout options for all fitness levels, whether you're looking for something gentle, intense, or in between—and of course, this includes instant access to 6 Weeks of the Work!

Nutrition plan

A simple nutrition plan that supports your body in building muscle, whether you are in weight loss or maintenance mode. You also have the option to add on a more structured nutrition plan to your package if you seek to understand the nutrition piece more deeply; please inquire if that option interests you.

Virtual support group

You'll have access to an online group of participants doing the program alongside you. There, you'll be able to share successes and struggles, help each other troubleshoot, and give and receive digital high fives.

The support of a coach 

Access to me via Messenger, email, or text, for questions or concerns you would rather not share in the group. (Please allow 24 hours for a response.) Plus, the opportunity for a monthly one-on-one call to help you stay on track with your goals and set new ones going forward.

Building blocks for adding muscle mass and strength

A one-month supply of a plant-based pre-workout formula that has been shown in research studies to decrease fatigue and improve endurance during exercise. This will help you crush your workouts, and then when you're done you'll also have one month's supply of a post-workout muscle recovery formula that's optimized to help your muscles start to repair right away—plus anti-inflammatory botanicals to fight soreness.

Extra bonuses

Safety videos showing you how to protect your knees and shoulders during common exercises, a stretching sequence to help you avoid injury, my top tips for sound sleep, and much more! I'm always dreaming up new bonuses to keep my customers happy, and as VIPs, my annual package customers get them all!


"I love being a member of Elizabeth's virtual support groups. It helps keep me accountable for my daily workouts and the other group members are so supportive and encouraging. I also really like the extra knowledge that the coaches share with the group!"

"I love that I have a support group that understands the challenges that come with maintaining a fit lifestyle, and that encourages me to keep going one step at a time."

- Ambur C.

- Shenelle S. 

"It's very easy with all that life throws at us to be derailed from taking care of ourselves, but this group helps me remember that if I don't do daily, seemingly boring routines, then all aspects of my life feel more stressful. Being able to support others as they go through their own journeys is another level of personal enjoyment.""

"I've felt my mindset shift from being nervous about outcomes to taking a breath and letting go and letting everything flow naturally. Body, mind, and spirit have shifted to a more positive outlook, and I just feel and look better. I've had people compliment me quite a bit, and have had so much suppport from our virtual group. A heartfelt than you to the group and Elizabeth for steering us to success!"

- Nisha T.

- Melissa M.


First, I'll listen.

Even when we've previously agreed on which workout plan you'll follow, as with this program, there is still some interpretation and adjustment required to fit it into your life. That's where a coach comes in. During our initial intake I'll learn about your lifestyle and schedule so I can help set you up for success with the program.

Then, I'll recommend.

We will go over everything from the tech setup for home workouts to my tried and true system for making new habits stick. You will hae my support for one full year, so we'll be able to work together to set new goals and select your next program after you complete this one.  

Lastly, we’ll implement together—with plenty of room for trial and error.

I'll be available every step of the way as you try new things. I'll encourage you to keep going until the unfamiliar feels familiar—or if necessary, I'll help you change course until you find something you love and can stick with.


Why this program works:

“With high-quality exercise videos designed by talented trainers and knowledgeable sports scientists, you'll get serious results. 

Following these workout and nutrition programs, I've been able to build muscle more effectively without making my whole life about exercise and meal prep. Not only that, but my levels of strength and overall fitness have surpassed anything I ever thought was possible for my body.” 

Still not sure?

Check out this video about the program to learn more.